Inaugural library displays

One of the part-timers at the library where I’m a children’s librarian moved on to a full-time job in another town, which means I’m no longer at the bottom of the totem pole. Now that I have moved up one rung, I’m getting more responsibility than sitting at the desk, answering reference questions when people decide they need help. Now I get to make the book displays! My first ones, from left to right in the picture below, are:

Firefighters (October is National Fire Prevention Month. Check your smoke alarms!)
Fearless Explorers (Columbus Day was mid-month)
Halloween, of course

I have to admit I felt a little guilty committing an entire display to explorers. I’m old and cynical enough to loathe that we have a holiday for Christopher Columbus who neither discovered North America nor did anything positive for the people he found there. Quite the opposite, just like many of the European explorers who came after him. I threw in some Lewis and Clark and John Wesley Powell books to make myself feel better. And really, why expose the children to my jaded, adult point of view? I’ll let their history teachers take care of that one.

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