In Da Library

First you could find him in da club; soon you can find him in da library…and not in the CD section. Penguin Young Reader Group announced that 50 Cent is currently working on a semi-autobiographical book about bullying, due out in January. If you’ve seen the music video for “In Da Club” or 50 Cent with his shirt off in general, you know that guy is not getting bullied anymore (if he ever really was, says my inner cynic). Then again the guy got shot, which I suppose could be bullying…or attempted homicide. Does gang violence count as bullying? What about his public feuds with Kanye West, Lil Wayne and The Game? Yep, 50 Cent has a lot to teach kids about bullying. Let’s just hope he has some playground bullying or name calling to write about and leaves G-Unit out of it.

Then again, books written by celebrities like 50 Cent, whose fans are of a demographic that may not typically frequent the library, do have their place. I can be a book snob all I want when I have my critic hat on, but as a librarian, I have to applaud the existence of books like this, not so much for their quality or even their subject matter, but because somewhere there is a kid who will be surprised and stoked to find a book  by 50 Cent on the library shelves where he used to think only Gossip Girl and the classics from his English class could be found.

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