Help, I’ve become a picky reader!

I have always been the kind of person who tells others it’s okay to give up on a book. Don’t like where it is going? Kick it to the curb and move on. There are plenty of books in the sea and the bookstore, more than you can read in many lifetimes. You don’t have to settle for crappy books, or even good books that just aren’t working out for you. I only rarely follow my own advice in this regard, however, a fact that became clear to me as I persevered through the last pages of the Red Pyramid.

I didn’t follow my own advice, that is, until lately. Now I’m completely out of control! In the last week or so, I have started and run screaming from 3 different books – all YA, by the way. Three!!! Suddenly no book is good enough for my time. Am I choosing the wrong books? Have I finally become some kind of crazy, close-minded book snob? I started yet another book – you’ll notice I’m resisting the urge to name these awful books…they might just get their own post though – and again, I want to throw it across the room, out the window, or at least through the nearest library book drop! Ugh! Save me from these crappy books. My train rides to work are bad enough without them.

I just picked up Karen Russell’s book Swamplandia for a trip home to Salt Lake City this weekend. You’re right, there are no swamps in Utah, but I have heard the book is fabulous. I really hope it gets me out of this reading funk.

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