Super Sunday story time

In a rare intersection of my current job and my actual interests/career goals, I got to conduct a Jewish storytime yesterday! Super Sunday is a fairly well known tradition among American Jews where the local Federation, a Jewish umbrella non-profit organization found in most large cities, conducts a phone-a-thon to raise money that later goes to other Jewish non-profits and programs. Since I work for the Boston federation, I was told I had to volunteer for a shift, and I broke out in hives thinking about calling people to ask for money. Luckily I’ve griped to enough people at work that I would way rather be reading to kids in the library than wasting away in my cublicle, and they gave me the job of storyteller in the children’s room at Super Sunday!

Since the theme of the day was tzedakah, the Jewish commandment of giving to those in need, I found a picturebook called How Daila Put a Big Yellow Comforter Inside a Tiny Blue Box. This is actually a quality book as Jewish picturebooks go. With a handful of exceptions (like the awesome & Caldecott -winning Joseph Had a Little Overcoat), I find Jewish picturebooks tend to be lacking  in quality, so when I found this one that fit my theme and was decently written and illustrated, I was stoked! I also was a little afraid since I hadn’t done a storytime in more than a year. But when I got up in front of the kids and started reading, I knew my fears were unfounded. I might have looked a little silly to my fellow cubicle-dwelling co-workers, but that’s how I knew I hadn’t lost my touch! If only these sort of opportunities came more than once a year in my life.

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