Oh no they didn’t

I found this at librarian.net, a blog by Jessamyn West, Vermont librarian extrordinaire who always has some interesting story or conference or library issue to write about. I think today’s post is particularly worth reading, as I have been stuggling wrapping my head around libraries lending e-books. Do I think it’s awesome? Yes! Do I hope to someday be on the giving and/or receiving end of a loaned e-book? Sure (when I finally invest in and get an e-reader)! Do the logistics of making it work in the library baffle me? Hell, yes! And that was before I read what Jessamyn posted about a guy who, upon “returning” his e-book got basically solicited to buy the book he just read! Check out the post for yourself and tell me, how would you feel in this situation as the librarian, the patron, the person reading about it. Awkward? Angry? Betrayed? Or maybe it’s just late in the day and I’m a roiling ball of emotion right now. Quite possible.

I feel the need to point out that this apparently has only been a problem with a certain combo of formats and devices, at least at the moment. I’ll let you be the judge of whether is Amazon is an evil empire.

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