Jamaica Plain: Boston’s newly dubbed literary district

Jamaica Plain, the Boston neighborhood where I happen to live, has been proclaimed Boston’s literary district by a write-up on Book Riot.

This is a pretty bold claim in a city that is rich in book culture and literary history, but the writer makes a good argument for JP with her many suggestions of places and programs to check out. However, some glaring omissions sell the neighborhood slightly short. I intend to fix that here.

While there is a brief shout out to the JP branch of the Boston Public Library, the article fails to mention that JP actually has two library branches – the Jamaica Plain branch and the Connolly Branch – with a third right on the border with Roxbury in Egleston Square. It also left out Tres Gatos, a tapas restaurant on Centre Street that also has a book and record store inside. And there is also a second Little Free Library in JP on South Street across from the JP branch library. The coffee shop in my part of the neighborhood, Cafe Bartlett Square at the corner of Amory and Green Streets, also has their own little library where you can give and take books, though they haven’t officially designated it a Little Free Library.

If you are going to be in Boston or JP long term, you can also learn book binding and other book-related crafts at the Eliot School, a community fine arts school whose classes are open to the public.

Yes, it is truly a great thing to be a book nerd in Jamaica Plain.

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