Recaptains: My new favorite website

If you are anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with series fiction. On the one hand, if I am really into the idea, the story line, the characters, or even just the author’s writing style, I rejoice that there will be plenty more to read. On the other hand, with the volume of books I read and just keeping up with life, I can have a pretty terrible memory. I can remember the general feeling of hating, liking, or loving the book, but the details, especially the details needed to appreciate or understand a sequel, usually elude me.

That’s why Recaptains is my new favorite website! I stumbled across it the other day and was wondering where it had been all my life. In each post, they give a general summary, a bulleted play-by-play of what happened, and a paragraph or two about how the book ended. Recaptains is pretty much spoiler central for those who haven’t read the book, but it’s like recreational reading Cliffs Notes for those who have already read the book (because I NEVER used Cliffs Notes for a book I hadn’t already read. Never.).They have an alphabetical list of the series they have “saved,” and series are also easy to find via the posts’ labels. Gone are the days of anxiety over starting a series on the day it comes out only to have to re-read the whole series every two years when the next one comes out. Thank you, Recaptains. You are my book heroes!

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