Mental Illness in Children’s Lit

I love following We Need Diverse Books on Twitter and reading on their website all about the advocacy they are doing to get books with diverse characters published and in the hands of readers. They are also a great place to find other resources on diversity. Case in point, here’s a tweet from them today:

Disability in Kidlit takes a closer look at how those with disabilities are portrayed in books for kids and teens, which is obviously important and awesome. How did I not know this site existed until now? Luckily I found out about it at just the right time because all next week they are looking at books portraying mental illness. As someone whose family has a history of mental illness and as the daughter of a psychiatrist, I’m all too aware of the stereotypes, stigma, and misinformation that so much media perpetuates about both people with mental illness and the professionals who treat them (if you want to hear a really good book rant, just talk to me about 13 Reasons Why). I’m looking forward to keeping up with their posts and discussions starting on May 18th. You can read more about the Disability in Kidlit’s editors’ goals for the week on their post about the event.

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