It’s November? Time for NaNoReadMo!

from V for Vendetta by Alan Moore (1988)

from V for Vendetta by Alan Moore (1988)

Sadly it took me until the 5th of November to realize that it’s November (I blame the lack of Halloween here in Israel), and that means it’s NaNoReadMo! I’m not a writer (at least not of the novel sort), which is why I was really excited to hear about NaNoReadMo, National Novel Reading Month. I was even more excited to find out that it was started by artist and author Austin Kleon whom I am a big fan of. Jealous of and impressed with all the NaNoWriMo word counts on social media, I will now be able to participate by doing more of something I do a lot of anyway, reading and recommending. I’m going to be blogging and/or tweeting a book recommendation every day for the rest of November and a bunch in a row today to catch up for the past few days. Follow along with me here on the blog and on Twitter @BookCurious. Join in yourself if you feel so inclined. As I say far too often in my life, better late than never.

2 thoughts on “It’s November? Time for NaNoReadMo!

    • Fun and a challenge. It’s not too late to start! It’s really open ended too. Some people do reviews or recommendations every day. Others commit to reading a certain number of pages or chapters per day. Check out the #nanoreadmo hashtag on Twitter to see what everyone is doing.

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