NaNoReadMo: His Fair Assassin series


Grave Mercy
Dark Triumph
Mortal Heart
Robin LaFevers
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

In 15th century France, the devotees of the convent of St. Mortain carry out his will – death. Each of the books in the His Fair Assassin trilogy follows a different member of the convent. Grave Mercy introduces Ismae who has escaped an arranged marriage and sought refuge in the convent. She trains to become “death’s handmaiden” and is sent away to court by the abbess to spy on Duval, a man she believes is a threat to the duchess. When Isme falls in love with her target, will she be able to maintain her position with the convent? Or perhaps he isn’t who the abbess thought he was in the first place.

Isme’s friend, training mate, seductress, and confirmed head case Sybella is the focus of Dark Triumph. She comes from a well known noble family complete with abusive father, creepy incest-y brother, and innocent younger siblings that she had to leave behind in order not to go completely mad. The convent sends her back into the arms of her destructive family to root out a conspiracy against the duchess, but Sybella hopes it will be a chance for her to seek revenge against these people who hurt her so much. Of course, she finds love in an unexpected place – spoiler alert: not with her brother! Ew! – and he turns out to be the perfect compliment to both her inner rage and her deadly talents.

In the last book, Mortal Heart, Annith, a trainee who has lived at the convent her entire life but never achieved full death’s handmaiden status, is finally given an assignment, but rather than one that will send her to court like her friends, she will be locked away in the convent for the rest of her life. Unable to come to terms with what her life would be like, she runs away and becomes the prisoner/traveling partner to a band of brigands, the leader of which she happens to become quite fond of. Annith does eventually make it to court, only to find that everything she thought she knew about her life is basically a big lie. As enemies circle the duchess one last time, death’s handmaidens must decide where to place their loyalties and who will live and who will die.

I love these books so much. My attempt at summarizing them above doesn’t come close to doing them justice. The handmaidens of death are totally kick ass – specializing in everything from weapons to martial arts to poisons – and they have a sort of mystical ability to see a special mark on the people they are meant to kill. The romances in each book are unique and respectful and never force Isme, Sybella, or Annith into a position of weakness. Being a Game of Thrones fan (the TV shows; I haven’t read the books…yet!), I was also really into the political intrigue at court and the place of the abbess and the convent in politics. The convent’s loyalties are thrown into question quite a bit throughout the series, adding to the suspense of whether the convent and its devotees are killing for the right reasons and if their missions are truly divinely inspired.

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