Excavation of Malcolm X’s Boston home


Ella-Little Collins & Sarah Little / Photo via The Boston Landmarks Commission and Boston Magazine

For anyone who has read X, the recent YA biography of Malcolm X, there is some exciting news out of Boston. Boston’s City Archaeology Lab – yes, the city has its own archaeology department – just started an excavation of the Roxbury home of Ella Little-Collins, Malcolm X’s half-sister with whom he lived as a teen. The dig is open to the public March 29-April 8, but if you aren’t in the Boston area, you can see pictures of what they find on the City of Boston Archaeology Program Facebook page. They’ve already posted quite a few finds.


Heroes in reading: Woman refuses to stop reading during Trump speech


photo pulled from Buzzfeed article

Have you ever been somewhere you don’t want to be – doctor’s office waiting room, a bus on your way to work, waiting for a friend at the bar – and been relieved to find that you packed a book? I imagine that’s the feeling this woman at a Trump rally in Illinois experienced as she pulled out her paperback and started reading. Not surreptitiously in her lap. Right in front of her face.

Appropriately, the book is Citizen by poet Claudia Rankine, which is a commentary on racism in America and was a finalist for the 2014 National Book Award among other accolades.

In this Vine, you’ll see that the man in the red sweater in the row behind her taps her on the shoulder, assumedly asking her to stop reading and pay attention to the word salad Trump was spouting at the time. She appears to give him a piece of her mind and goes right back to her book. Bravo, lady! Keep on reading. You are truly an inspiration to readers everywhere.

Where is the most awesomely inappropriate place you have whipped out a book and started reading?